Tools and Materials required

Once you have purchased your pergola, it will be delivered with all the fixings, brackets and ground support posts that are required for easy assembly. However, please find below a list of tools and materials that we recommend in order for you to successfully construct your pergola and ensure many years of happy outdoor living.

No doubt most of you you will have these at home anyway but a trip to your local builder’s merchant, garden centre or hardware outlet may be necessary to complete the list:


  1. Cordless Combi Drill (wood/masonry)
  2. Set of drill bits for above – both wood and masonry
  3. Adjustable spanner
  4. Hand saw (only required if you are customizing your pergola)
  5. Screwdriver set
  6. Tape measure
  7. Spirit level/Plumb line
  8. Builders Square
  9. Mallet/Sledgehammer (if using the ‘original’ spiked post fix system)
  10. Spade (if using the ‘concrete-in’ post fix system)
  11. Step Ladder and Workbench


  1. Quick drying concrete mix (needed for the ‘concrete-in’ post fix system))
  2. Wood preservative - if you have to cut any of the timbers to fit to your own requirements

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