Bespoke Designs

Hello and welcome to our new design service - Pergola Planner™

Please use the forms below to let us know your requirements and specifications and we will get back to you with a quote to have your own bespoke pergola or arbour for your garden.

How it works


Upload your own drawings, sketches and pictures and let us do the rest


Using our existing materials (i.e. no curves or arches, we can only produce square or rectangular shapes) we will create a structure that meets with your approval


If your design is not possible we will work with you to find a solution

Please note

Given the timber section we work with for the rafters (38mm x 125mm) the longest unsupported 'span width' is 3.5 meters for the 24hr high pressure treated timber and 4mtrs for oak. This is to prevent any future bowing of the rafters as the years go by. For further information, please refer back to Pergola Information. We can only produce square or rectangular shapes.

Pergola or Arbour details

Whether you send us a sketch on the back of a napkin, or a carefully measured blueprint, we’ll work with you to create your Perfect Pergola. Please be aware that not all things are possible but we will certainly give you a product that will try our very best to get as close to your original idea as we can. We look forward to receiving your instructions and will be back in touch very shortly. Many thanks!

Important Notice

Due to unprecedented levels of demand we are temporarily closing the online service for a bespoke pergola to allow the design team to catch up with the requests in the system. However, you are able to continue to order our standard models. Apologies for the inconvenience but please check back again at the end of the month