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Pergola [per-go-la]

derived from the latin ‘Pergula’ and first used in the C17th to describe the traditional masonry columns of the Italian Renaissance period.

A 3D CAD drawing of a bespoke pergola plan
A customer example of module 6, built on a raised tiled dias
A close up of a lean-to pergola, with hills in the distance
An example of module 2, built against a brick house, and surrounded by a barbeque, wicker furniture, and potted flowers

Great pergola – fills up the blank wall space and makes the most of the outdoor space. Very pleased!

Mr G Knapp, Sutton Coalfield
A small standalone pergola which a customer has built over some steps leading down to their driveway
A lean-to pergola built against a customers house, and stained with a dark wood stained
A freshly installed leon-to pergola over a customers patio
An example of module 6, under construction in an open area
A medium-sized lean-to pergola over some decking, strung with decorative lights and surrounded by assorted potted flowers.

We have a pergola supplied by Perfect Pergola's in our garden - it is looking great with the roses climbing up it.

Caroline Tatham – Principle, Cotswold Gardening School
A leon to pergola set against the side of a stone-built house
A pergola constructed in front of a small treeline, stained with a walnut-brown wood stain
An example of module 5; a double length standalone pergola built on a raised patio, covering some wicker garden furniture
An example of module 5; a double length standalone pergola built on a patio, covering some wicker garden furniture
Example of a pergola built on a patio up against a house
Oak Pergola on a raised patio stand-alone
Two pergolas in the countryside
A stand alone pergola with dark stain adjacent to customer's house and conservatory
A module 5 pergola in oak, constructed on decking for a unique outdoor entertaining space
An example of a pergola, in the evening with lanterns and lights with a dining table underneath it.
An example of a pergola with a kitchen area under it with seating.
An example of a pergola with a kitchen area under it with seating at night.
An example of 20 meter pergola, and surrounded by a view in the country side.
A module 2 pergola, constructed on a pateo built up against a brick house for a unique outdoor entertaining space.
Our aim is to provide a quality of product and service that consistently meets our customer’s requirements. To constantly improve and enhance our product range and operating procedures whilst being recognised as an established supplier of first class garden structures and accessories.
Managing director Adrian Valentine, leaning against a pergola post
Adrian Valentine

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