Karen’s Spring Blog - Edible Hanging Baskets

Managing director Adrian Valentine, leaning against a pergola post
Karen Scott

Hi Everyone,

Something different for this spring - Plant edible hanging baskets for your pergola!

Great accompaniment for your '5-in-1' BBQ Cook-Out System - see our Accessories' page for further details.

Hanging baskets make great use of space and are a fantastic way of stopping slugs and snails damaging the plants.

Place in an open position with good light but with some shelter also. This is where your pergola becomes even more useful!

Feed and water the basket regularly.

Planting Recipe:

  • 35cm diameter wire framed hanging basket
  • 1 Basket liner
  • Multipurpose compost
  • Water retaining gel crystals
  • Selection of small basil, parsley and coriander plants
  • 1 trailing bush tomato


Place the liner in the basket tucking in tightly. Then add a little multipurpose compost mixed with the water retaining crystals.

Push some of the small herbs through from the outside of the basket so that the root balls can be covered over with compost on the inside.

Plant the centre of the basket with more of the herbs and the trailing tomato plant.

Water daily and feed once a week with diluted tomato feed.

Then hang the basket on one of the protruding rafters of your Perfect Pergola!

...And for dessert - how about doing the same process as above with a strawberry basket?

Select early, mid and late cropping varieties for a continuous supply throughout the summer!


Karen x