A recently delivered customer traditional ‘lean-to’ pergola with a brown finish. This dark brown colour begins to fade as it weathers-in and other examples can be seen below after 1 year, 2 years and 3 years giving you an idea as to how it will look over time



This was assembled last year for the new Agatha Christie Memorial Gardens at Torre Abbey in Devon. Over 100,000 visitors a year pass through these gardens so we were extremely proud, here at Perfect Pergolas, to be chosen for the project



Delivered this year to a private customer and assembled on a pre-installed plinth to show it off to its best effect. Once the planting takes hold, this will look fantastic!


This was delivered last Spring and shows the smooth finish to the timber after it has been planed and chamfered at our Saw Mill. It is already beginning to weather-in resulting in a lighter colour



One of our standard MOD 1 pergolas which clearly shows the ‘chunkiness’ of our timber which is why we can offer a 10 year guarantee on our treated wood



This was delivered 3 years ago now and the lighter timber shows how it has weathered-in over the period and how well it sets off the part of the garden where it is situated



Side shot of a traditional ‘lean-to’ pergola attached to a Cotswold stone wall


CAD drawing produced at the Saw Mill for a customer who required a customised pergola for his garden. Great idea and very effective!



Another design for a customer who wanted a ‘lean-to’ pergola but coming out at right angles from his house to cover a path leading down to a stream



3D CAD drawing showing a client’s requirement of a staggered pergola to make more of a feature of it in their garden



The original CAD drawing we produced for approval at Torre Abbey in Devon for the Agatha Christie Memorial Gardens



Another customised pergola for a client who needed a strange shape to fit a particular part of his patio!


Two bespoke pergolas that a customer has used to frame the fantastic scenery in the distance


Standard MOD 5



Gin Corner!