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Please find to the left of the page our first press release, and a number of images that can be downloaded, in different sizes and formats, to illustrate some of the potential possibilities that can be achieved with a pergola. Elsewhere on the site you will find additional information including the benefits that a pergola can bring particularly in promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle, getting closer to nature and making the most of our longer and hotter summers.

Perfect Pergolas
Bringing the outdoors inside


Adrian has set up a number of companies over the past 20 years including a dedicated Polo magazine in the 80’s to a business supplying millions of jars of goose fat to the Supermarkets during the 00’s. He is extremely enthusiastic about Europe and, when allowed, spends as much time as possible practising his golf swing. As an avid supporter of the Mediterranean ‘way of life’, Adrian is passionate about offering similar lifestyle choices to the British public - enabling us to make the most of the outdoors and to take advantage of the opportunity whenever the sun shines.

Perfect Pergolas is an ideal concept with which to start this campaign and is dedicated to the many happy hours he's spent under one!

If you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact Adrian Valentine at:

Tel: 01285 740359


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