Step 7. Options for Customised Pergola Modules

If you have chosen Option 4 and want a ‘customised’ length of pergola designed to fit your own requirements you will have to cut down a Ledger board and Main Beam to fit. Start by purchasing the module closest to your favoured length and then order the extra individual lengths separately on our Pergola Planner page. All other fixings, hardware, posts and rafters are available to buy as well - ensuring that your customised length will look exactly the same as the modules.

Don't forget, that with our flexible post lengths of between 2.4mtrs - 2.7mtrs inclusive, at no extra cost, you will be able to find a fixing solution for most eventualities. If you would like to order a post length different to that of our 2.4mtr standard, please email us at and we will pass on your instructions to our Mill.

If needed, please find below Fig 26 which shows the dimensions required for you to cut and prepare your own decorated end piece to match the others.

                                                                            (fig 26)


(*NB these drawings are for representation purposes only and not to scale)